If I could sue you I would…

Sometimes I hear about people getting sued and I think, geeh that sucks but the again, I sometimes take the side of the people doing the suing, as I think about it I started wondering about some of  some of the things i would sue someone for, stupid as some of them may be here they are;

1. I would sue biscuit companies that make sandwich cookies that have one half turned the wrong way.

I know it should be no biggy but I hate it completely. It makes me feel like my sandwich is tampered with, speaking of sandwiches, which side of a slice of bread is the front?

2. I would sue companies that make un-user friendly packages, Prime example Soldanza plaintain chips they use a small black triangle to indicate a less than a millimeter diameter tear that you’re suppose to use to open it. Failing to find this is to your ruin since the rest of the bag is sealed pretty tight one hard tug and boom plaintain chips all over the place.

3. I would sue the comany that gives some of the slightest instructions in their mannuals yet they leave out some of the more key points. for example they’ll tell you not to use it in the bath tub, but they won’t tell you what to do if, it does only some of what it’s suppose to do, or if it asks for some complicated code.

I mean really? I’m sure atleast everyone has experienced that before.

I have a lot more people to sue but I have to cut my post short since i have a mountain of work and if it wasn’t for the toxic chemical spill close to myyyyyy (y’s for emphasis) school and four others schools I would not have even be home yet. Thanks toxic chemical, you’re a life saver …I think -_-

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When I’m not…blogging

To be honest when I’m not blogging I’m at school spending 10% of my brain power on thoughts about what I’m gonna blog about later, yes my life is very uneventful, so I use my speech skills and my blogging skills to satisfy my own self longing.
I got my phone back yesterday so that’s a big plus wooh cheers for me 🙂 besides that I have learnt to in a way function without my usual technology dependency, although I did use it to do my homework a couple minutes ago on the way to school which I’m still in the process of doing.
Besides thinking about my own blog I’m thinking about blogs I love reading because they cheer me up, can’t risk getting accused of slander or anything, so I won’t say their names but you guys should know yourselves 🙂 keep up the good blogging.
Don’t worry I do have a social life, although half the people who know me would beg to differ -_- since to them I wouldn’t survive, without my laptop, my blog or my phone.
Guys please I’m totally social all my wizard101 and pirate101 friends lists are filled. -_-
Ok so apparently I lack any form of social life anyway who says you need a social life? profiling much…
I’m just fine with my nervous, anxious, antisocial self.
I bid you adieu 🙂
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My internet exploits and side-line ads

I can be honest, I’m a bit of a computer geek, not a nerd which is different because I don’t get preoccupied with all the technicalities of computers, I just know I’m fascinated with the whole ability of technology to satisfy my curiosity. Any way todays post is about, Side-line ads, you know what i mean right?

Those little strips of ads that change constantly. So I’ve been thinking, and I wonder don’t these adds sort of hinder you from doing what you initially visited the site to do? I mean for someone like me who gets distracted by windshield wipers, they can be a real drag.

But being such an avid internet user has taught me a lot about the Do’s and Don’ts of the internet. For one double clicking a link may make it take longer… I don’t want to suggest this is the complete fact but I have experienced it now and again.

My internet thirst has sometimes put me in very awkward positions in an attempt to pick up free to access Wi-Fi, so much so that i have learnt how to stay permanently still in order not to lose coverage, yes I’m pathetic like that, “Brush off shoulder”.

I suppose i have a great big internet life and to be honest I think Google, knows more about me than I know, about myself.

I suppose I’m what you would call a cyber-addict although that’s not a fancy enough term for me and I’ll definitely try and remember to ask my good friend, T. to slip me a huge word for it, because that’s what he’s best at… making us all feel inadequate, with his supremely dynamic and concise vocabulary… I wish I had bigger words to describe him -_- , because I can imagine how he’s tackle me about it when he reads this.

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and I’ll see you soon. Smile

My failedNew years resolutions

So I’m here, with me are my apologies or rather my excuses disguised as apologies, you be the judge. As i’m pretty sure you all remembered, I said that this year I was gonna post every day, and now how long has it been since I last posted? about two weeks? yeah that’s about right. Well here are my excuses/apologies/ reasons for being away,

1. School, this little six letter place has an inconceivable way of consuming all my time in fact i spend six hours a day there, then another five or so with baseless chatter among friends, so yes school is definitely a big reason as to why I’ve been away so long.

2. The second reason, that should to be honest be the first is that I don’t have my phone. Yes you read right, I to be honest am not sure how I’m still alive but I have been without my phone for the entire duration of the time i’ve been away. Up until this point I haven’t gotten it back yet, so I’m sure you can in some way sympathize with me, presuming you read my previous blogs where I made mention of the importance that is beyond measure which my phone has in my life.

3. The third reason is more personal but non the less it’s significant, I’m moving, and for those of you who like to get everything explained I just mean I”m going to live somewhere else sheesh, what would you do without me… “inside joke” -_-

Anyway so much  for my New Years resolution, to be honest the past events have in a way opened my eyes though, i suppose when you get unplugged this long you realize so much more, about the world around you.

I realized that i could actually talk to my parents besides asking for something, or passing on a school endorsed message. Yes I realised the unthinkable…they’re people too, and our realms aren’t so different after all.

Even more amazing is that I made dinner!!!, and I don’t mean the Maccaroni and Cheese Dinner that has those three little easy, instructions that rivals Gieco’s “so easy a cave man can do it…”. I mean actual dinner, yeah I’m talking about real food, the food that you have to put in a plate and set a table and all that stuff. I’ll tell you about it in my upcoming blogs so keep it in mind.

Lastly I learnt that, i take a lot of what my phone offers for granted and yes that includes Blackberry Messenger.

Non the less not being plugged in has taught me to relax not to be so anxious and to just enjoy life, I’ve smiled like never before since not having my phone and I’ve even done things like tidied my own room, that anyone can admit is like a miracle and a crime to the teenage revolution.

But I anticipate my phone only this time I’ll handle it more responsible… or maybe not we’ll see 😉

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Are you ok?

Today was better than yesterday where eventfulness is compared, then again that’s not entirely true, to be honest I just had more thoughts going today, and as a result I had something to post about.
I didn’t have school today, so I did the noble thing and stayed home, stuffed my face and watched cable tv, and browsed the internet, and because I know facebook came to your mind when you read “browse” and “internet” in said order, I just want to protect my integrity and say I actually didn’t go on, “whew” that out of the way here’s what this post is about.
Since the dawn of action movies and helpless civilians the phrase “are you ok?” Has become in a way a tragic excuse for consideration, I mean honestly why must script writers ignore the fact that the “are you ok?” Line has become a devastating cliché of its former significance? I mean if we were to be fair, there’s just limited purpose for it.
Firstly the intention I assume is to invoke the audiences sympathy, something that in my view would have come whether or not there was the torment of having to hear the “are you ok?” Followed by the “yeah I’m ok” lie, then the “ok let’s go” reply and the “groans and limps for the next minute or so”
Secondly, the question just seems a little cheeky, honestly
*guy gets blasted
*girl “o my gosh are you ok?
*guy “ yeah I’m fine
Seriously? And what’s worse is how it goes like that almost all the time.
What I would love to happen more often is this
*guy gets blasted
*girl “o my gosh are you…
*guy” save it cindy, *gets up and leaves

*guy gets blasted
*girl “o my gosh are you ok?
*guy ” do I look like I’m ok?
*girl -_-
Because Hollywood’s repetitive ways must come to and end, who’s with me??
O before I go though, if you don’t mind the “are you ok?” Lines then be sure to go check out Hansel & Gretel witch hunters now in theaters I’m giving it a 4/5 stars.
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Hey everyone hope you all had a great weekend.
So I’ve been thinking, and I’ve realized I’m completely obsessed with making excuses, I suppose its a desire to not be wrong, so I justify the craziest things then again maybe its just part of my crazy jacked up mind, it also kinda drives my best friends nuts the way I always have an answer for everything, sometimes shocks even me how super charged my brain can get when I find myself pushed into a corner, I’d say if I was a super hero my power would be excuses and I’d be able to get out of every situation.
Sorry today I’m having writers block nothing interesting happened but part of sticking to the plan, is to remain consistent so here I am being consistent by posting random junk and hoping I’ll make someone smile because that’s what blogging is all about really your own selfless decision to share your life, your experiences, your interests with someone else, who you don’t even know and you’re both a world apart but linked by a common desire to learn.
Have a wonderful evening everyone 🙂

Now its FjEaBnRuUaArRyY

So its a new month and I still feel ridiculous, I so far haven’t really felt that achieved feeling, you know the one you get when you have passed an important mark in your life and you wish you had achieved, the things you had outlined in the last days of December to put in your exotic and dynamic “New years resolutions”. So far I haven’t really touched my new years resolutions even at the surface, I suppose it may be due to my own, inadequacies or perhaps it is due to the fact that life at this point seems to be traveling a little faster than I could ever understand or hope to reduce, lately there has been a surge of responsibilities, duties, expectations, and so much to contend with, that one would feel as though they are going to burst.
To be honest my “me-time” has been limited to the bare minimum and there is little evidence that it will return to its former presidency, these days you have to just work the present and work with the past, and just keep going forward, since doubt is fatal, no regrets, and that’s why it’s FjEaBnRuUaArRyY for me now.
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