Litter temptation…My true story

I know its late, but I had a busy day so posting couldn’t have been done until now, so bare with me. Garbage and solid waste disposal has become a pretty big deal these days and you can get fined if you get caught simple throwing your trash on the road, something that so many people have become so accustomed to, and I for the first time can say I actually empathize with them… Just this once.
So I bought a bottled soda, and thought I’d drink it down while I walked, I know it wasn’t proper and it isn’t something you should be proud of but it was like 33•C out and I was sweating like crazy, So after guzzling down my soda, I cruised along in the sweltering weather, with my skin feeling considerable “icky”, so after I walked for a while the empty bottle become a load and I thought “geez I’ve gotta get rid of this thing”, and I looked into the suburban wasteland with the sun’s rays steaming the pavement, and not a trash receptacle in sight, I continued trudging ahead, one trash receptacle caught my eye, its location way across the now busy street, so I let it pass, as I trudged along victory a trash receptacle up ahead “awesome I’ll dump this dumb bottle feel like a noble citizen and get going” but lo and behold a lock, I’m like what the “H” why lock your trash? Its not like there are half dog half men running around to break into your trash, or are they locking out their neighbors? Or the Garbage collectors? I mean honestly when is there ever a justifiable reason to lock your trash?
So I passed it leaving my anguish behing and trudged on, then once again the gods took pity on me and sent another trash can, however it wasn’t on the sidewalk it was in a yard, now I beyond my better judgment decided this was it and flung my bottle into the bin

but I missed, yes you read right I missed and it fell right in their yard, and I don’t even know who they are.
And that’s why for the first time in my life I empathize who chose the easy route and just dump the trash the first chance they get which is immediately.
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