Signatures… A sure fire way to determine how famous you’ll be in the future…

So it a Wednesday night and after a long day I thought I’d unwind with some french vanilla coffee and post something.
So I’ve been thinking lately about famous people or maybe let’s keep it local, people I know who are important in some aspect, and I realized they all have one thing in common, besides driving an Audi, Range Rover, or Jaguar, they also have the most complex and intricately detailed signatures ever, and think about it how many people who are affluent do you know that have clear signatures, probably non? Why you wonder? Its because they have wealth in the first place, truth is those are the people who will write checks, and say things like “put it on my tab…” The closest thing I have to a “tab” is a debit card. The thing is I think to be famous or important or wealthy there are unseen guidelines some you will do unwittingly and some that you will perform upon instruction. I mean most rich signatures look either far from the names they should represent or they are nearly unintelligible, they are abstract curves, and precarious hand motions that all combine to produce the magnificent “swish” that comes when pen touches paper.
I think signatures are one of those things that will take you places, no matter what, couple that with some ambitious intentions, and some potential and boom your on your way, no conditions apply.
So wish me luck in finding my magnificent and personal “rich signature” and I’ll see you on the flip side 🙂 until tomorrow this is Andrae sayin’ peace.
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