So you wanna be a teacher?

Hope you all are having a wonderful week, staying true to my word publishing more often and stuff so don’t be shy to congratulate me, in cash or kind, comments are good too :). There’s usually a question that most strangers who take it up on themselves to pry into your present and future always ask and that question is you’ve guessed it “what do you want to be?” And as much as I’m pretty sure everyone in the world has asked someone or been asked this question, there are just those people who go the extra mile to make it an awkward question, now I’m not saying they do it intentionally but I think its kinda in the unwritten rules or something but in case you missed them here’s a few things you shouldn’t do when you ask someone what they want to be.
Scenario 1
#so what do you wanna be?
*A doctor
#o you know, I hear that’s a declining job market
Nothing is worse than invoking someone’s dream then crushing it, shame on you, how do you sleep at night?
Scenario 2
#so what do you wanna be?
*well I wanna be a lecturer
#so you wanna be a teacher that’s good
Um no I wanna lecturer, and you get this right? the simplifying act, honestly I would have said teacher now you made it sound lame, shame on you.
Scenario 3
#what do you wanna be?
*An engineer
#woah you know it’s a lot of work right, hope you can handle it.
Ok, now I wonder if I’m the only one who would be offended by that but honestly, I find that as you blatantly questioning my potential *+*, maybe I should consider refunding our acquaintance?
Am I wrong lemme know and don’t forget to like, subscribe, and share and I’ll see you later thanks for reading 🙂


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