I’m probably no. 23,000,005

So I own blackberry, in the US that’s an average claim, in europe its an even more average claim, in the Caribbean and Latin America its a big deal, apparently RIM™ upon discovering their failure have beefed up their reputation or at least tried to beef up their reputation, by shoving their new phones down to the Latin and Central American countries and of course the Caribbean, this they tactfully achieved by bragging of their 60 million users, I’m pretty sure Apple™ is like “O please” and Samsung™ is like “have you seen the SIII?”, and personally Google™ doesn’t care they’re already on their way to world domination, Google glasses all the way, any who, I sort of got preoccupied with wondering what number I am and thought I’d blog about it, because truthfully I would love to know what number I am. I mean if they are going to number me at least give me the benefit of knowing what number I am, I’d really like to know where I stand in the chain of importance.
Besides that I can say Blackberry™ is sinking, Apple™ is flying, Samsung™ is running and Google™ is outer space so you decide who’s winning there.
Truth is we’re all techno dependent but when you’re depending on Blackberry don’t feel too lucky.
#no offense to RIM™ you brought this on your self with your complacency. Peace


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