When your names spelt differently -_- thanks mom and dad

So while thinking about something to post for tomorrow I ran into some mutual acquaintances of my 8 year old niece, and promptly they recognized me and started doing that thing that kids do when they are having a little squabble among themselves over someone else but they do it a little too loudly and it gets real awkward, yeah that. Anyway they got my name wrong and branded me Anthony instead of Andrae which I’m sure everyone should know but since they were kids and I just didn’t have the time or breath to correct them I just let it slide, and waved just like a real Anthony and went my way, but although I really didn’t express that I minded I kind of did, and I went into brooding mode and I realized that isn’t even the worse thing that’s happened to me where my name is concerned.
I realized the most obnoxious thing is that I will always and forever more have to say ” a-n-d-r-A-e” because people are never going to automatically assume, and I’ll always feel bad when my name is spelled wrong in a letter or an email or a text or anything, and I mean its just a terrible feeling no matter how much I try to let it go, in some cases I get the “huh” and then I have to do the “you see I have two A’s in my andre instead of one” and then I can just know that in their mind they’re thinking what’s the matter with this dude. But it bothers me a lot, even if its a little thing and sometimes I blame my parents for their contribution to my challenges as a student, because that’s when your name gets written the most in your life, sometimes I think about changing my name, then I think it will just be worse when my old friends who have gotten used to the old andrae, spell it that way and then I’ll have to be correcting them, -_- so you see there is just no way out.
So I suppose I will just have to learn to live with the “huh” treatment and pretending to be Anthony.
As always thanks for reading and I’ll see you monday 🙂


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