My inner ramblings

As part of being a better blogger, I’m starting with being on time with my post (I’m sure all happy to hear that one for the tenth or so time). Anyway I thought I’d write todays blog about how my day went, and personally I thought it was an ok day not A Great Day since it didn’t meet all the standards for a Great day in accordance with my post on the topic. I did however have an examination, which was kind of a mix of excitement and dread and anxiety all in one, I suppose I’ll experience it again when I have to see how I performed on them, but let’s leave that for another time. My phone battery died half way through the day and I felt myself in the confines of my mind scolding RIM™ for the disappointment, but then catching myself and realizing I was the one who choose their product. But, however I suppose although I chose them they should make it worth my while, I suppose that’s not true, and I had to endure the whole ride home without a companion, since my phone is kind of my companion, it goes everywhere with me, knows everything about me, its kind of a twin in a sense, well maybe more than a twin, maybe a clone, and that’s a yes if you haven’t already guessed it I’m a typical techno geek, but I’m still pretty normal right?
Hmm ok well I’m kinda normal, but since there is no justifiable normal definition you can’t prove anything.
As always thanks for reading and I’ll see you tomorrow hopefully I’ll have something more interesting to say 🙂


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