So you found out they’re fake

So it’s been a while and I know I have been missed because people have asked about my lack of new posts and while I was flattered beyond my wildest dreams I kept a cool head, ’til I got home and gloated about it 🙂 anyway, this post is particularly directed to a friend, well maybe a number of friends and a couple mutual acquaintances. It all started out due to a disagreement, that I’d say surged more than it had to but to be honest, it revealed things that needed to be revealed and in my opinion un-wooled the sheep’s eyes, some would probably consider me as being “bad minded” truth is I don’t care. Something I find distasteful is being FAKE, now that I’ve gotten the main idea of this post out of the way let’s get to business, firstly how to know if you’re in the presence of FAKENESS
1) They try too hard, and you all know what this means right,
* O hey hope you had a great weekend, mine was fine , kinda busy but I hope yours was better
# -_-
(Now I’m not saying you should mistake genuine, consideration for trying too hard but I’m sure you get it)
2)They sympathize a little too much
# I’m a little down today
* O don’t worry it will all be fine I promise(followed by more rambling I can’t be bothered to right)
# thanks( and that thanks is just to be polite because, really deep inside your a little spooked.
3) They will stifle you with their perfection*
*=conditions apply.
4)They won’t give you the time of day when you slip up.
5) They bend over backwards and let you take advantage of them not because they want to but because your praise fuels them.
#hey could you get me a soda
*no problem I’ll get it right away
(No resistance) an ordinary person would probably say “don’t you have hands” even if they’re kidding and will do it anyway.
The all in all we’re all guilty of swinging off a faker now and again but it’s when it becomes so real to you that you want to be that person all the time that its a problem, I’m not implying that we should try to slack off, but being tightly wound, and not knowing yourself or rather hiding yourself from the people around so as to command their appreciation isn’t fair to anyone, if your stuck up be stuck up because in the end you’ll always be stuck even if you elude other people you can only do it for so long and no more.
As always thanks for reading and hope you had a wonderful weekend see you monday. (And that’s genuine 🙂 )


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