It’s a bit late but happy new year, sort of

Hey, guys so I know its a bit late but happy new year, and I hope you are all well, it has been a very busy first week for me and as such I was unable to actually get a post made.
I suppose my new years resolution will be to make more time for actually posting on a more regular and systematic basis.
Speaking of new years resolutions I suppose I should say a little on the topic. New years resolutions are somewhat of a tradition for most people worldwide , but I suppose for some its less serious, for me personally new years resolutions, are only necessary based upon need, they aren’t things I make, just because there’s a new year, while there is indeed always room for improvement, there’s no point attempting to improve something you aren’t necessarily uncomfortable, with self acceptance is a very essential part of growing into positive well rounded individuals, in other words change what you see a need to and appreciate what you can’t.
As for the resolutions to make though, be cautious don’t beat yourself up too much if you slip up, and don’t make resolutions that wont stand the test of time and endurance. Try making small resolutions, perhaps to start saving a small quantity on certain luxuries, try sticking to your plans and avoid potential situations that may force you into indulging.
A resolution to probably avoid doing is trying to please everyone, that’s a sure failure and worse may see you ending up pleasing less people than you did last year much more you will end up feeling guilty and not pleasing yourself in the long run.
While resolutions may be good for some consider your resolutions before making them, think about whether you need them and more over whether you will be able to uphold the as if you should give up on a resolution it will forever dwell with in your conscience.
As always thanks for reading and I wish you all a prosperous and productive new year 🙂


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