Litter temptation…My true story

I know its late, but I had a busy day so posting couldn’t have been done until now, so bare with me. Garbage and solid waste disposal has become a pretty big deal these days and you can get fined if you get caught simple throwing your trash on the road, something that so many people have become so accustomed to, and I for the first time can say I actually empathize with them… Just this once.
So I bought a bottled soda, and thought I’d drink it down while I walked, I know it wasn’t proper and it isn’t something you should be proud of but it was like 33•C out and I was sweating like crazy, So after guzzling down my soda, I cruised along in the sweltering weather, with my skin feeling considerable “icky”, so after I walked for a while the empty bottle become a load and I thought “geez I’ve gotta get rid of this thing”, and I looked into the suburban wasteland with the sun’s rays steaming the pavement, and not a trash receptacle in sight, I continued trudging ahead, one trash receptacle caught my eye, its location way across the now busy street, so I let it pass, as I trudged along victory a trash receptacle up ahead “awesome I’ll dump this dumb bottle feel like a noble citizen and get going” but lo and behold a lock, I’m like what the “H” why lock your trash? Its not like there are half dog half men running around to break into your trash, or are they locking out their neighbors? Or the Garbage collectors? I mean honestly when is there ever a justifiable reason to lock your trash?
So I passed it leaving my anguish behing and trudged on, then once again the gods took pity on me and sent another trash can, however it wasn’t on the sidewalk it was in a yard, now I beyond my better judgment decided this was it and flung my bottle into the bin

but I missed, yes you read right I missed and it fell right in their yard, and I don’t even know who they are.
And that’s why for the first time in my life I empathize who chose the easy route and just dump the trash the first chance they get which is immediately.
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Signatures… A sure fire way to determine how famous you’ll be in the future…

So it a Wednesday night and after a long day I thought I’d unwind with some french vanilla coffee and post something.
So I’ve been thinking lately about famous people or maybe let’s keep it local, people I know who are important in some aspect, and I realized they all have one thing in common, besides driving an Audi, Range Rover, or Jaguar, they also have the most complex and intricately detailed signatures ever, and think about it how many people who are affluent do you know that have clear signatures, probably non? Why you wonder? Its because they have wealth in the first place, truth is those are the people who will write checks, and say things like “put it on my tab…” The closest thing I have to a “tab” is a debit card. The thing is I think to be famous or important or wealthy there are unseen guidelines some you will do unwittingly and some that you will perform upon instruction. I mean most rich signatures look either far from the names they should represent or they are nearly unintelligible, they are abstract curves, and precarious hand motions that all combine to produce the magnificent “swish” that comes when pen touches paper.
I think signatures are one of those things that will take you places, no matter what, couple that with some ambitious intentions, and some potential and boom your on your way, no conditions apply.
So wish me luck in finding my magnificent and personal “rich signature” and I’ll see you on the flip side 🙂 until tomorrow this is Andrae sayin’ peace.
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I’m probably no. 23,000,005

So I own blackberry, in the US that’s an average claim, in europe its an even more average claim, in the Caribbean and Latin America its a big deal, apparently RIM™ upon discovering their failure have beefed up their reputation or at least tried to beef up their reputation, by shoving their new phones down to the Latin and Central American countries and of course the Caribbean, this they tactfully achieved by bragging of their 60 million users, I’m pretty sure Apple™ is like “O please” and Samsung™ is like “have you seen the SIII?”, and personally Google™ doesn’t care they’re already on their way to world domination, Google glasses all the way, any who, I sort of got preoccupied with wondering what number I am and thought I’d blog about it, because truthfully I would love to know what number I am. I mean if they are going to number me at least give me the benefit of knowing what number I am, I’d really like to know where I stand in the chain of importance.
Besides that I can say Blackberry™ is sinking, Apple™ is flying, Samsung™ is running and Google™ is outer space so you decide who’s winning there.
Truth is we’re all techno dependent but when you’re depending on Blackberry don’t feel too lucky.
#no offense to RIM™ you brought this on your self with your complacency. Peace

So you wanna be a teacher?

Hope you all are having a wonderful week, staying true to my word publishing more often and stuff so don’t be shy to congratulate me, in cash or kind, comments are good too :). There’s usually a question that most strangers who take it up on themselves to pry into your present and future always ask and that question is you’ve guessed it “what do you want to be?” And as much as I’m pretty sure everyone in the world has asked someone or been asked this question, there are just those people who go the extra mile to make it an awkward question, now I’m not saying they do it intentionally but I think its kinda in the unwritten rules or something but in case you missed them here’s a few things you shouldn’t do when you ask someone what they want to be.
Scenario 1
#so what do you wanna be?
*A doctor
#o you know, I hear that’s a declining job market
Nothing is worse than invoking someone’s dream then crushing it, shame on you, how do you sleep at night?
Scenario 2
#so what do you wanna be?
*well I wanna be a lecturer
#so you wanna be a teacher that’s good
Um no I wanna lecturer, and you get this right? the simplifying act, honestly I would have said teacher now you made it sound lame, shame on you.
Scenario 3
#what do you wanna be?
*An engineer
#woah you know it’s a lot of work right, hope you can handle it.
Ok, now I wonder if I’m the only one who would be offended by that but honestly, I find that as you blatantly questioning my potential *+*, maybe I should consider refunding our acquaintance?
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When your names spelt differently -_- thanks mom and dad

So while thinking about something to post for tomorrow I ran into some mutual acquaintances of my 8 year old niece, and promptly they recognized me and started doing that thing that kids do when they are having a little squabble among themselves over someone else but they do it a little too loudly and it gets real awkward, yeah that. Anyway they got my name wrong and branded me Anthony instead of Andrae which I’m sure everyone should know but since they were kids and I just didn’t have the time or breath to correct them I just let it slide, and waved just like a real Anthony and went my way, but although I really didn’t express that I minded I kind of did, and I went into brooding mode and I realized that isn’t even the worse thing that’s happened to me where my name is concerned.
I realized the most obnoxious thing is that I will always and forever more have to say ” a-n-d-r-A-e” because people are never going to automatically assume, and I’ll always feel bad when my name is spelled wrong in a letter or an email or a text or anything, and I mean its just a terrible feeling no matter how much I try to let it go, in some cases I get the “huh” and then I have to do the “you see I have two A’s in my andre instead of one” and then I can just know that in their mind they’re thinking what’s the matter with this dude. But it bothers me a lot, even if its a little thing and sometimes I blame my parents for their contribution to my challenges as a student, because that’s when your name gets written the most in your life, sometimes I think about changing my name, then I think it will just be worse when my old friends who have gotten used to the old andrae, spell it that way and then I’ll have to be correcting them, -_- so you see there is just no way out.
So I suppose I will just have to learn to live with the “huh” treatment and pretending to be Anthony.
As always thanks for reading and I’ll see you monday 🙂

My inner ramblings

As part of being a better blogger, I’m starting with being on time with my post (I’m sure all happy to hear that one for the tenth or so time). Anyway I thought I’d write todays blog about how my day went, and personally I thought it was an ok day not A Great Day since it didn’t meet all the standards for a Great day in accordance with my post on the topic. I did however have an examination, which was kind of a mix of excitement and dread and anxiety all in one, I suppose I’ll experience it again when I have to see how I performed on them, but let’s leave that for another time. My phone battery died half way through the day and I felt myself in the confines of my mind scolding RIM™ for the disappointment, but then catching myself and realizing I was the one who choose their product. But, however I suppose although I chose them they should make it worth my while, I suppose that’s not true, and I had to endure the whole ride home without a companion, since my phone is kind of my companion, it goes everywhere with me, knows everything about me, its kind of a twin in a sense, well maybe more than a twin, maybe a clone, and that’s a yes if you haven’t already guessed it I’m a typical techno geek, but I’m still pretty normal right?
Hmm ok well I’m kinda normal, but since there is no justifiable normal definition you can’t prove anything.
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So you found out they’re fake

So it’s been a while and I know I have been missed because people have asked about my lack of new posts and while I was flattered beyond my wildest dreams I kept a cool head, ’til I got home and gloated about it 🙂 anyway, this post is particularly directed to a friend, well maybe a number of friends and a couple mutual acquaintances. It all started out due to a disagreement, that I’d say surged more than it had to but to be honest, it revealed things that needed to be revealed and in my opinion un-wooled the sheep’s eyes, some would probably consider me as being “bad minded” truth is I don’t care. Something I find distasteful is being FAKE, now that I’ve gotten the main idea of this post out of the way let’s get to business, firstly how to know if you’re in the presence of FAKENESS
1) They try too hard, and you all know what this means right,
* O hey hope you had a great weekend, mine was fine , kinda busy but I hope yours was better
# -_-
(Now I’m not saying you should mistake genuine, consideration for trying too hard but I’m sure you get it)
2)They sympathize a little too much
# I’m a little down today
* O don’t worry it will all be fine I promise(followed by more rambling I can’t be bothered to right)
# thanks( and that thanks is just to be polite because, really deep inside your a little spooked.
3) They will stifle you with their perfection*
*=conditions apply.
4)They won’t give you the time of day when you slip up.
5) They bend over backwards and let you take advantage of them not because they want to but because your praise fuels them.
#hey could you get me a soda
*no problem I’ll get it right away
(No resistance) an ordinary person would probably say “don’t you have hands” even if they’re kidding and will do it anyway.
The all in all we’re all guilty of swinging off a faker now and again but it’s when it becomes so real to you that you want to be that person all the time that its a problem, I’m not implying that we should try to slack off, but being tightly wound, and not knowing yourself or rather hiding yourself from the people around so as to command their appreciation isn’t fair to anyone, if your stuck up be stuck up because in the end you’ll always be stuck even if you elude other people you can only do it for so long and no more.
As always thanks for reading and hope you had a wonderful weekend see you monday. (And that’s genuine 🙂 )

It’s a bit late but happy new year, sort of

Hey, guys so I know its a bit late but happy new year, and I hope you are all well, it has been a very busy first week for me and as such I was unable to actually get a post made.
I suppose my new years resolution will be to make more time for actually posting on a more regular and systematic basis.
Speaking of new years resolutions I suppose I should say a little on the topic. New years resolutions are somewhat of a tradition for most people worldwide , but I suppose for some its less serious, for me personally new years resolutions, are only necessary based upon need, they aren’t things I make, just because there’s a new year, while there is indeed always room for improvement, there’s no point attempting to improve something you aren’t necessarily uncomfortable, with self acceptance is a very essential part of growing into positive well rounded individuals, in other words change what you see a need to and appreciate what you can’t.
As for the resolutions to make though, be cautious don’t beat yourself up too much if you slip up, and don’t make resolutions that wont stand the test of time and endurance. Try making small resolutions, perhaps to start saving a small quantity on certain luxuries, try sticking to your plans and avoid potential situations that may force you into indulging.
A resolution to probably avoid doing is trying to please everyone, that’s a sure failure and worse may see you ending up pleasing less people than you did last year much more you will end up feeling guilty and not pleasing yourself in the long run.
While resolutions may be good for some consider your resolutions before making them, think about whether you need them and more over whether you will be able to uphold the as if you should give up on a resolution it will forever dwell with in your conscience.
As always thanks for reading and I wish you all a prosperous and productive new year 🙂