Deadlines and surveys

I have honestly been swamped in work both non-academic and academic, which accounts for my lateness from posting, so I am really sorry but, I do think I will make up for it with this post.

School now has become somewhat of an arena, where at this present moment an epic battle is being fought. what is the motive behind this battle you may wonder “Deadlines”, yes thats all, ever since the dawn of mankind we have been the puppets of that cruel puppet master, now for the first  time everyone has converged upon a frightening point in reality, the point where the ‘teacher’s pets, the over achievers, the under achievers, the procrastinators, the uninterested and anyone else I forgot to mention’ all feel as thoug the burdens of school is no longer a wieght that can be borne, any longer; I stand witness to students literally falling apart at the hands of education, and a spiral of confusion and misconstrued words.

I can I hope that we may hold strong and keep, trudging forward as the burdens of the education we spent years fighting through seems to now fail us, or worse intends to destroy us and all we have achieved.

These few days will be the most trying for us who are now on the edge of education pushing back hard against, the incredible force of dedlines.


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