They say…

Hey, guys I know it has been ages since I posted last, with school and family and the holiday season swiftly approaching and reseding I have been swamped. I want to first wish all my readers though a wonderful holiday season and a prosperous new year, and thank you for your support in my first year of having a blog, and just want to say i appreciate you all.

Now I suppose I should get unto my reason for posting. So the other day i was being my usual self and sharing information that hardly falls in the general category but I seem to know anyway, and I came across something that I that I believe few people actually consider when they are sharing things they read online(and truth be told thats where the most of us get our information, whether or not it’s true or false it still gets cramped into our very capable brains waiting to be used at the right moments to boost our self esteem and give us some gratification that we are not bestowing on ourselves, and that is the fact that we say “they say…” and I was actually left to consider this and muse over it for sometime because when someone says “who is they?” they are not actually being ridiculous they are actually making a very good point, and i wonder about this, because I honestly don’t know who this mysterious “they”, because when you consider it who is the rightful “they”? is it the website from whence your information came? or is it the preparator of the website? or is it the person that supplied them with that information?

something like this is like a tangle of wires because the truth is we ourselves use the term interchangable and if you were to ask two people who this “they” character was you would probably get very different answers. so how do we dicipher the “they” predicament?

The best solution? Don’t say “they” instead say “according to” why? it makes it sound quite eloquent but more than that it makes, your stance clearly stated and also presents itself as un-biased even if you know it was fairly questionable and may very well be false, you want to ensure your audience doesn’t think so and will instead accept your logic, and this is applicable in a lot of real life situations, where you may need to convince another party that your position is indeed the superior stance.

As always thanks for reading comment, like and subscribe and i won’t make any promises but see you in three days.


Deadlines and surveys

I have honestly been swamped in work both non-academic and academic, which accounts for my lateness from posting, so I am really sorry but, I do think I will make up for it with this post.

School now has become somewhat of an arena, where at this present moment an epic battle is being fought. what is the motive behind this battle you may wonder “Deadlines”, yes thats all, ever since the dawn of mankind we have been the puppets of that cruel puppet master, now for the first  time everyone has converged upon a frightening point in reality, the point where the ‘teacher’s pets, the over achievers, the under achievers, the procrastinators, the uninterested and anyone else I forgot to mention’ all feel as thoug the burdens of school is no longer a wieght that can be borne, any longer; I stand witness to students literally falling apart at the hands of education, and a spiral of confusion and misconstrued words.

I can I hope that we may hold strong and keep, trudging forward as the burdens of the education we spent years fighting through seems to now fail us, or worse intends to destroy us and all we have achieved.

These few days will be the most trying for us who are now on the edge of education pushing back hard against, the incredible force of dedlines.