And The newest word is UM

How many times have you said “um” in your life? Truth is we do it so much I think it should be made a word, and not just an inappropriate gesture. I mean really although we don’t write the word “um” we use it incredible frequently.
Um is used uniquely in so many ways, and an acceptance of it into the english language would be greatly appreciated. We use the word um relentlessly, and while some may rever it as being a sign of ignorance that is completely to the contrary, simple, unavailability of memory can be quickly substituted with um, instead of an awkward silence. Here is just a few ways um can be used to facilitate smoothness in communication:

Hey how was the game?

UM*(you didn’t watch the game but you heard enough to tell it back to someone, resting assure you’re being truthful) It was cool man.

Have you seen my sun glasses?

UM*(yes those sun glasses that you burrowed and lost at the beach) nope.

I even thought up a lovely definition for “Um”

*Um;interj: to be unsure, to require additional time to process, to be confused. Origin;new world english, 2012* seems like it would catch on? I think so too.
As always thanks for reading hope you all had a great weekend and you’ll read me in two days and I’ll try my best to make it two days this time 🙂
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