I tend to say “obviously” a lot not because I like being cheeky but rather because I have friends who enjoy stating the obvious, I suppose maybe they state things that I would assume to be the obvious, its kind of interesting to get their responses to my seemingly sarcastic chide, but I do in a sense have a self loathing for the animosity I create between us when I say “obviously” , it in a way creates an unwarranted tension, and there is usually a profuse silence that follows which can be in a way unnerving, I see it as them processing a more idealic response or rather to question whether my intentions were less clear than they should have been…although this has nothing to do with the topic, I woul love to point out that until maybe a few months ago I didn’t know the difference between “clear” and “colorless”, to be honest I didn’t really think there was even a difference, and thought it was just english language having one of its trivial two word one meaning scenarios, I however did learn that there was a difference from my chemistry teacher after my inabilty to defend myself when he asked why I had used one instead of the other.
Sorry for straying so far let’s get back…
Honestly though I hate when someone says “obviously” to me because I think I handle things a lot differfently from most people and for the most part I see myself being told that as being a grave inadequecy, but I suppose I’ll change what I can as I go along, its not really like there aren’t things that I won’t be able to fix but somethings I do intend to try.
I must also appologise for being away so long, I have been quite busy with school which explains why I’ve not been able to make any publications especially while I attempt to get all my notes back.
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