And The winner isn’t twitter…

 So I’ve signed up for twitter after, my previous punctuality to discriminate against the loathsome site, I mean I trashed it every chance I got, comparing it with anything I, considered to be…. a) a waste of time b)something I’ll never do c) something I would redicule you for doing.

However somehow I ended joining twitter, intially twitter turned out to be just what I expected it to be so now all I can really say is hmmmm…” I thought I’d hate you..”, but really somehow the idea of people sharing their every thought in such a overly timely manner is just unfortunate. people tweet every thing and i do mean everything, It’s startling that people have that much time… I’d love if they could just transfer some of it to me. I do wonder if maybe it will surprise and i’ll end up say #ilovetwitter but until then #IsuckatTwitter

As you may have noticed my blog’s name has changed, so comment and tell me what you think also don’t forget to like and subscribe and you’ll read me in two days. hope you had a great weekend.

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