No one called

I’ve been sick unfortunately, and while being out of school can have it’s perks I’ll have my work cut out for me when I do get back, and it also explains my absence from publishing anything.

I can say it’s kind of tragic that no one called me until a few mintes ago, and I do mean no one I look at it as saying something negative about my image or rather negative about my friends(if I should really bestow such a noble title on them). But then again I can’t say I have exactly been the most ideal friend considering my dominant out spoken ego and in a way my overly critical demeanor.

My short but appreciated call is perhaps what inspired me to write this post, my friend(and once again I court disappointment by loosely calling him my friend although I would say I hold his acquaintance higher than many others) stated that many of my school mates had actually asked for me and my history teacher had questioned my mortality. That was rather shocking to me and wether she was serious or attempting to be even the slightest bit funny is un known to me.

I honestly do intend to find out though as soon as I once again return to cruel(don’t worry I am completely exaggerating…..not) called school.

As always  thanks for reading and stay tuned to hear what else is happening in this precarious life mine.

Stay safe and always continue finding new ways to spend your internet life.

2 thoughts on “No one called

  1. At your age, everyone thinks mostly of him or herself. They may (or may not) ask when you get back. I never called anyone when I was in school if they were out. It might mean I cared!

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