Natalie Tran, Ellen Degeneres, and all the other funny people in my life

I couldn’t help smiling as i wrote this post, well maybe smiling is an understatement, I was laughing insanely hard, maybe because I laugh at a lot of things… things some people could maybe force a smirk at will have me in stitches, maybe I have a funny skeleton. whatever the reason, my happiness in a sense radiates into my environment. I was more than happy when I watched a tribute to Ellen Lee DeGeneres recieving her very own Mark Twain Prize, because I thought she most definately deserved it. While only a few of you readers may know Natalie Tran she is still quite reknowned, getting millions of views and millions of likes and perhaps just a few thousands of dislikes on youtube from people who can ony laugh when nitrous oxide is brought into the equation.
I suppose my ability to over appreciate humor is due to my photographic memory which leaves the joke reiterating itself in my head cracking me up time and time again.
My sanity has perhaps been brought into question time and time again in secret, by those around me… for those of you reading spread the word I’m totally sane,no need to have an intervention. while Natalie and Ellen (hope you guys dont mind me getting all personal with your names) are my comedic heros; I’d rather not use the other “H’ word since its become associated with narcotics, my friends never cease to amuse me and for that I am forever greatful so if we’re friends and you make me laugh and not wanna punch you on the nose then give yourself a round of applause, ’cause you’re totally worth it, and I am truly blessed to have made your acquaintance.
As always love you guys, stay safe and continue finding new and interesting ways to spend your internet life.


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