Some wierd phobias that are either mine or my friend’s

So the other day we were discussing places to go when a friend expressed blatantly that he couldn’t go simply because he was afraid of dogs, that was followed by the scientific name which I honestly didn’t think I wanted to remember, but when I really dwelled on the situation I realised there are a lot of phobias that my friends and I share, my best friend has an almost hilarious phobia which beyond my better decisions, considering I’m a good friend I must tease; and that is the fear of piercings, no at first I was shocked but after seeing his reaction to a pierced individual I went ballistic I just had to make good on the availability of a few quick laughs every now and again, but while I may be ridiculing my friend I am not completely free from incredible disgrace and that is my arachnophobia I’ve scream and whined dozens of times over spiders getting into my personal space, my mother teases me relentlessly about it but her sympathy follows after to quell the disrepute which I have caused on myself especially in front of guests.
I can say though honestly the most hilariously strange phobia I have come across is one I was made aware of by a family friend who was taking me to school one fine morning, as always my bookworm urge kicked in and while the car sped along I popped out my novel which is almost always on hand. Just as I started to become engrossed his London accent startled me to attention, and I remember his exact quote from almost a year ago ” I wouldn’t encourage reading in the front seat… I have a phobia.” And I can honestly say I’m still appalled, I’m wondering how is that even a phobia? Is he afraid of reading? or reading in cars? And why the front seat? Honestly I was desperate to ask for an explanation but before I could muster the courage to ask my destination had arrived.
While our phobias make us who we are they can be rather devastating to our social status, leaving us humiliated, but all I can say is that we trudge on, and get over it until modern science comes up with a better solution, go pharmaceuticals.


3 thoughts on “Some wierd phobias that are either mine or my friend’s

    1. Well don’t worry your not alone, and that’s the most comforting thing u can hold true. Like I said they make us who we are and they identify our unique design from everyone else’s 🙂

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