A good day

How many of us have actually had ourselves a good day? I mean like look back and say “wow”, I can honestly say I haven’t had a good day since… well since I was younger, for me the perfect day for me would be waking up, not alarmed up I mean waking up, moving in a lousy yet catious manner, to freshen up at my own pace, then going to a waiting breakfast one that’s warm, not scorching hot and not dead cold… Also in all this little fiasco I must not have hit up in anything or had any form injury you now that feeling right? You’re on your way to your perfect day then…boom its your toe and the dresser, so much for that attempt
Maybe tommorow.
But nothing is worse than a day that’s almost perfect and you know those right? The day you’re promoted, you got a great car, your on a winning streak nope looks like you didn’t file your income tax guess who’s gonna be knocking on your door?
But nothing bugs me more than the people who use the term loosely, I mean a conversation like this
How was your day?

It was PERFECT(and you know from their exaggerating that it would probably be in full caps)

Really wow what happened?

I found 20 bucks

Oh well um ok.

Yeah you know those people who are yet to appreciate the term well we’ll pray for them until then we’ll wait for our perfect day to come along and bask in its 24 hour glory.

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