If you have ever been rejected, then wow you must be strong, so I finally had my first episode of rejection today can’t give you all the details, for a million reasons but I can say it is the most awful thing you can ever imagine, getting rejected is not only embarrassing it is murderous, it makes you feel like you died but just as you’re about to be buried you suddenly jump to life. It’s like being awakened by freezing water seeping into your pores with gushing force, it’s like irony, like being on and off at the same time.
It’s funny though that this is my first real acceptance of rejection, well what can I say its what I was advised to do by the one who rejected me, accept it, get over it and move on, easy for them to say they didn’t just get rejected, I can honestly say I have been much humilfied by this ordeal, in fact makes me wanna be a priest, lolz no but it could have, guess I didn’t take the necessary time to figure out their priorities and mine, otherwise I would have been able to handle this far better than how I am now. but all in all I’ll be good cause I’m as resilient as they come so pray for me guys and well if you don’t pray keep me in your thoughts as always thanks for reading. Cheers 🙂


2 thoughts on “Rejection

  1. I’m sorry… this just isn’t working out… it isn’t you, it’s me, alright?… I just need my space… We should see other blogs…
    (Sorry, couldn’t resist… be strong and keep going… get the last laugh)…

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