And The newest word is UM

How many times have you said “um” in your life? Truth is we do it so much I think it should be made a word, and not just an inappropriate gesture. I mean really although we don’t write the word “um” we use it incredible frequently.
Um is used uniquely in so many ways, and an acceptance of it into the english language would be greatly appreciated. We use the word um relentlessly, and while some may rever it as being a sign of ignorance that is completely to the contrary, simple, unavailability of memory can be quickly substituted with um, instead of an awkward silence. Here is just a few ways um can be used to facilitate smoothness in communication:

Hey how was the game?

UM*(you didn’t watch the game but you heard enough to tell it back to someone, resting assure you’re being truthful) It was cool man.

Have you seen my sun glasses?

UM*(yes those sun glasses that you burrowed and lost at the beach) nope.

I even thought up a lovely definition for “Um”

*Um;interj: to be unsure, to require additional time to process, to be confused. Origin;new world english, 2012* seems like it would catch on? I think so too.
As always thanks for reading hope you all had a great weekend and you’ll read me in two days and I’ll try my best to make it two days this time 🙂
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I tend to say “obviously” a lot not because I like being cheeky but rather because I have friends who enjoy stating the obvious, I suppose maybe they state things that I would assume to be the obvious, its kind of interesting to get their responses to my seemingly sarcastic chide, but I do in a sense have a self loathing for the animosity I create between us when I say “obviously” , it in a way creates an unwarranted tension, and there is usually a profuse silence that follows which can be in a way unnerving, I see it as them processing a more idealic response or rather to question whether my intentions were less clear than they should have been…although this has nothing to do with the topic, I woul love to point out that until maybe a few months ago I didn’t know the difference between “clear” and “colorless”, to be honest I didn’t really think there was even a difference, and thought it was just english language having one of its trivial two word one meaning scenarios, I however did learn that there was a difference from my chemistry teacher after my inabilty to defend myself when he asked why I had used one instead of the other.
Sorry for straying so far let’s get back…
Honestly though I hate when someone says “obviously” to me because I think I handle things a lot differfently from most people and for the most part I see myself being told that as being a grave inadequecy, but I suppose I’ll change what I can as I go along, its not really like there aren’t things that I won’t be able to fix but somethings I do intend to try.
I must also appologise for being away so long, I have been quite busy with school which explains why I’ve not been able to make any publications especially while I attempt to get all my notes back.
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And The winner isn’t twitter…

 So I’ve signed up for twitter after, my previous punctuality to discriminate against the loathsome site, I mean I trashed it every chance I got, comparing it with anything I, considered to be…. a) a waste of time b)something I’ll never do c) something I would redicule you for doing.

However somehow I ended joining twitter, intially twitter turned out to be just what I expected it to be so now all I can really say is hmmmm…” I thought I’d hate you..”, but really somehow the idea of people sharing their every thought in such a overly timely manner is just unfortunate. people tweet every thing and i do mean everything, It’s startling that people have that much time… I’d love if they could just transfer some of it to me. I do wonder if maybe it will surprise and i’ll end up say #ilovetwitter but until then #IsuckatTwitter

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No one called

I’ve been sick unfortunately, and while being out of school can have it’s perks I’ll have my work cut out for me when I do get back, and it also explains my absence from publishing anything.

I can say it’s kind of tragic that no one called me until a few mintes ago, and I do mean no one I look at it as saying something negative about my image or rather negative about my friends(if I should really bestow such a noble title on them). But then again I can’t say I have exactly been the most ideal friend considering my dominant out spoken ego and in a way my overly critical demeanor.

My short but appreciated call is perhaps what inspired me to write this post, my friend(and once again I court disappointment by loosely calling him my friend although I would say I hold his acquaintance higher than many others) stated that many of my school mates had actually asked for me and my history teacher had questioned my mortality. That was rather shocking to me and wether she was serious or attempting to be even the slightest bit funny is un known to me.

I honestly do intend to find out though as soon as I once again return to cruel(don’t worry I am completely exaggerating…..not) called school.

As always  thanks for reading and stay tuned to hear what else is happening in this precarious life mine.

Stay safe and always continue finding new ways to spend your internet life.

Natalie Tran, Ellen Degeneres, and all the other funny people in my life

I couldn’t help smiling as i wrote this post, well maybe smiling is an understatement, I was laughing insanely hard, maybe because I laugh at a lot of things… things some people could maybe force a smirk at will have me in stitches, maybe I have a funny skeleton. whatever the reason, my happiness in a sense radiates into my environment. I was more than happy when I watched a tribute to Ellen Lee DeGeneres recieving her very own Mark Twain Prize, because I thought she most definately deserved it. While only a few of you readers may know Natalie Tran she is still quite reknowned, getting millions of views and millions of likes and perhaps just a few thousands of dislikes on youtube from people who can ony laugh when nitrous oxide is brought into the equation.
I suppose my ability to over appreciate humor is due to my photographic memory which leaves the joke reiterating itself in my head cracking me up time and time again.
My sanity has perhaps been brought into question time and time again in secret, by those around me… for those of you reading spread the word I’m totally sane,no need to have an intervention. while Natalie and Ellen (hope you guys dont mind me getting all personal with your names) are my comedic heros; I’d rather not use the other “H’ word since its become associated with narcotics, my friends never cease to amuse me and for that I am forever greatful so if we’re friends and you make me laugh and not wanna punch you on the nose then give yourself a round of applause, ’cause you’re totally worth it, and I am truly blessed to have made your acquaintance.
As always love you guys, stay safe and continue finding new and interesting ways to spend your internet life.

Some wierd phobias that are either mine or my friend’s

So the other day we were discussing places to go when a friend expressed blatantly that he couldn’t go simply because he was afraid of dogs, that was followed by the scientific name which I honestly didn’t think I wanted to remember, but when I really dwelled on the situation I realised there are a lot of phobias that my friends and I share, my best friend has an almost hilarious phobia which beyond my better decisions, considering I’m a good friend I must tease; and that is the fear of piercings, no at first I was shocked but after seeing his reaction to a pierced individual I went ballistic I just had to make good on the availability of a few quick laughs every now and again, but while I may be ridiculing my friend I am not completely free from incredible disgrace and that is my arachnophobia I’ve scream and whined dozens of times over spiders getting into my personal space, my mother teases me relentlessly about it but her sympathy follows after to quell the disrepute which I have caused on myself especially in front of guests.
I can say though honestly the most hilariously strange phobia I have come across is one I was made aware of by a family friend who was taking me to school one fine morning, as always my bookworm urge kicked in and while the car sped along I popped out my novel which is almost always on hand. Just as I started to become engrossed his London accent startled me to attention, and I remember his exact quote from almost a year ago ” I wouldn’t encourage reading in the front seat… I have a phobia.” And I can honestly say I’m still appalled, I’m wondering how is that even a phobia? Is he afraid of reading? or reading in cars? And why the front seat? Honestly I was desperate to ask for an explanation but before I could muster the courage to ask my destination had arrived.
While our phobias make us who we are they can be rather devastating to our social status, leaving us humiliated, but all I can say is that we trudge on, and get over it until modern science comes up with a better solution, go pharmaceuticals.

A good day

How many of us have actually had ourselves a good day? I mean like look back and say “wow”, I can honestly say I haven’t had a good day since… well since I was younger, for me the perfect day for me would be waking up, not alarmed up I mean waking up, moving in a lousy yet catious manner, to freshen up at my own pace, then going to a waiting breakfast one that’s warm, not scorching hot and not dead cold… Also in all this little fiasco I must not have hit up in anything or had any form injury you now that feeling right? You’re on your way to your perfect day then…boom its your toe and the dresser, so much for that attempt
Maybe tommorow.
But nothing is worse than a day that’s almost perfect and you know those right? The day you’re promoted, you got a great car, your on a winning streak nope looks like you didn’t file your income tax guess who’s gonna be knocking on your door?
But nothing bugs me more than the people who use the term loosely, I mean a conversation like this
How was your day?

It was PERFECT(and you know from their exaggerating that it would probably be in full caps)

Really wow what happened?

I found 20 bucks

Oh well um ok.

Yeah you know those people who are yet to appreciate the term well we’ll pray for them until then we’ll wait for our perfect day to come along and bask in its 24 hour glory.


If you have ever been rejected, then wow you must be strong, so I finally had my first episode of rejection today can’t give you all the details, for a million reasons but I can say it is the most awful thing you can ever imagine, getting rejected is not only embarrassing it is murderous, it makes you feel like you died but just as you’re about to be buried you suddenly jump to life. It’s like being awakened by freezing water seeping into your pores with gushing force, it’s like irony, like being on and off at the same time.
It’s funny though that this is my first real acceptance of rejection, well what can I say its what I was advised to do by the one who rejected me, accept it, get over it and move on, easy for them to say they didn’t just get rejected, I can honestly say I have been much humilfied by this ordeal, in fact makes me wanna be a priest, lolz no but it could have, guess I didn’t take the necessary time to figure out their priorities and mine, otherwise I would have been able to handle this far better than how I am now. but all in all I’ll be good cause I’m as resilient as they come so pray for me guys and well if you don’t pray keep me in your thoughts as always thanks for reading. Cheers 🙂