Why am I here again?

I am now in a sense back in the school groove, back to getting up early and getting home late,feeling tired even after waking up and the genuine sense of loathing education, not to say i don’t value my education or understand its purpose but rather to say that i just don’t like school, and the majority of what it entails then again I don’t think I have ever met anyone who has actually declared a genuine love for school, “a like” maybe but never a “love” and it really draws me towards asking myself the question “Why am I here again?” Because analysis of the situation would show that people spend an awful amount of time at school. So the question is why do we loathe something we have been forced to do for so long? why is it the our dread towards school does not pour out into a devastating anguish that destroys us or those around us? I think it is perhaps far beyond my knowledge to comprehend or even attempt to decipher, to be honest I don’t think I could handle such a proposal. All i can say though is that so far upon my return to school my loathing has increased significantly, from homework, to more work, to new teachers that are just a lot less than what I had hoped they would’ve been, school has once again out done itself in all ways possible. making It probably a very low number on my list of  things i dislike.


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