If i never knew what it felt like to be tired last night was it.

Last night was perhaps one the most dreadful nights in my life, so much so that it will probably live long enough in my memory to be something I tell my grand kids, provided I get some. It started like every other night really i came home flustered as usual after school had taken its tax toll on my body. while languishing i realized I had an entire project to do in one night. It may sound absurd but that was exactly what i had to do, I started around 6:00pm, my progress slow and turbulent, despite this I continued trudging on, page after page minutes soon turned into hours, as the hours went by I could feel my body beginning to fail starting with my eyes, the monitor soon looked like a blazing inferno. my eyes watered and throbbed as my internal clock was profusely attempting to convince my brain that sleep was the next  and urgent order. At roughly 12 am I was practically no where as the time winded on I soon started to become so tired it was painful in a literal sense. Coupled with blinding light and angina and migraine I forced my body against all laws to continue through the process just so I could get a little rest before school, this turned out to be non existent. By 5am i was just getting wrapped up which meant I would have absolutely no time to sleep what so ever despite my anguish and even now as I write the the pain still remains. I can say I am happy though to have accomplished my goal,and reap its perhaps minute fruits. I can imagine many would consider this to be grave procrastination but i can say though in my defense it really was not.

As always stay safe, and continue to find


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