The Amazing Spiderman

So I went to see spiderman or as they call it The Amazing Spiderman. [Deep sigh] I’m not a huge fan but I do know the story behind the hero and of course the allure of 3D brought out my movie yearning. I must say I was greatly dissappointed, the 3D in my opinion didn’t feel like 3D at all and I could actually count the points when I actually felt as if the movie jumped at me. Then I was even further dismayed by how much they humanised him in the movie, he got seriously hurt quite often in fact more often than I had hoped, maybe I had just expected too much from the movie producers all together. The humor was at an ok level but you don’t usually expect that from action movies, romance was captivating and well brought across, I must however say the antagonist was perhaps the best thing in the movie. I can say I especially didn’t like how many times his mask came off, two is too much,and him getting shot and requiring the help of cranes further humanised him to an unacceptable point. The suspence was limited in my opinion and there where times when some things were revealed too early overall I’d give this movie a 2.5 out of 5

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