My jamaica 50 experience

Jamaica 50 has truly been quite exceptional in my opinion, I must say it was delightful and energising. Despite only attending two jamaica 50 endorsed celebrations, I was definately enticed and enjoyed it to the max.
I felt as if I was witnessing the jamaican spirit coming to life and igniting the hearts of all those around it. Joy and anticipation flooded the Jamaica 50 Emancipation village carrying with it a vibe like no other I had ever seen or come across,the thousands that had traversed to village seemed to not mind bumping into other people or the overall crowd, what stood out in my head the most was perhaps the variety of booths that were on display,it felt almost like a mall in essence,with dozens of souvenirs,food,beverages, and actual companies who wanted to promote their good our service. Overall the feeling was extraordinary and was something I was glad I had not missed. It was to be honest elegant, memorable and truly jamaican. A wonderful 50,and may the next 50 in 2062 be just as prosperous.

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Posted from WordPress for BlackBerry.


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