The denbeigh agricultural show is the second place on my jamaica 50 experience list, held in the beautiful parish of Clarendon,jamaica, this event showcases talent and the pure outcome of hardwork and dedication, farmers bring both animals and produce to the show grounds where various contestants vye for the champion title an various,medals and ribons.
Apart from being suitable for the general audience, by providing entertaining displays it also generates a wealth of general knowledge that may come in handy in the near or distant future.Some particularly distinguished displays were the cane sugar broiler that showed the step by step process to achieving cane juice as well as molasses and sugar,guests were also allowed free samples of the delicate no preservative added cane juice which was rich,soothing and delicious, another spectacular display was that of the green house, this area stocked a wide variety of plants that could be purchased and taken home to start you off or add to a beautiful landscape, parish themed booths were also set up,with helpful and friendly guides to assist and provide answers to any questions regarding the exhibit.Despite the rainy weather, patrons seemed to have been enjoying themselves to max, caring little about the (self proclaimed) designer shoes they sported,all in good fun I suppose 🙂 . The journey back home was met with more rainy weather,especially on the highway but even the deep grey skies didn’t damped my mood as the excitement the had filled me still bubbled and turned inside me. Leaving me in great anticipation for next years event.

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