jamaica 50 song

So now jamaicans again have something new on their plates to squabble about, and that is the jamaica 50 celebratory song, the previous government had already worked out their own schematics,for what would be used, however after their defeat their plans were dismantled.
The present government has now constructed their own version for the ceremony, now the opposition is at their throats about which song should be used, personally I think its a waste of energy to be complaining about which song should be used, and most of all I don’t think this is the image we should want to be affiliated with.
Another issue is that both sides have entirely personalized the issue,it is no longer a question of which is best for the country but instead, a which one was made by whom,I think personally the people should be allowed to decide which song they want to represent them, as a nation.
In my opinion both songs are enjoyable and convey aspects of our culture and nationalism,I think which ever song they choose to dedicate will be just as effective as the other at showing the world that we are proud to have achieved 50 years of independence and that we stand ready to achieve much more,because isn’t that our real intention?
Showing the best of ourselves to the world? And how better to do so than show that we can make simple decisions peacefully and easily without causing a major scene.

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