Movie piracy

I decided to post this after hearing a talk show host make some mention of it. If you don’t know exactly what movie piracy is, it’s simply the burning of multiply movies for retail sale. It’s surprising really that this is a profitable business since so many individuals are computer literate, maybe it’s the hope that as long as you aren’t directly involved you aren’t accountable, or maybe it is the only way of having a tangible copy of the movie, but if that’s the case why not just burn the movie yourself at home?
Perhaps it’s another flaw in our thrifty culture, the one where we believe that if someone’s making a living from something it’s automatically ok,it’s sad really to think we can be so blinded.
As jamaicans we sometimes lack the simple will to resist things that undermine our own image,we never consider the long term effects of our actions.
Cinema operators feel the greatest threat to their business from these pirates. Some movie houses have literally reached the point of closure, since the big screen, has lost much of its appeal,coupled with the effects of piracy.
I can only hope that we can see that the path we are currently heading down is one that will not amount to anything positive.


2 thoughts on “Movie piracy

  1. When the computer was invented thousands of type-writers and more lost their job because of redundancy. As the world evolves their will be more redundant jobs with the introduction of new jobs or even trends such as piracy in the cinema media. Its just simply a part of life which is inevitable. Think about it tomorrow if we find out that inhaling oxygen gives cancers or is poisonous instantly it would become redundant and thousand of rich people would want some type of “new oxygen” that the same scientists who’ve claimed that oxygen is bad have made. The world is ever evolving and in its evolution a lot of redundancies will take yield so if piracy of cinema media is just one of those new evolutions which will over shadow cinema sales well then let it be and for the record the people who pirate the movies have to actually see them first lol so the movie guys will still have sales.

    1. Firstly my intention is to deter piracy not question whether it’s an evolutionary shortfall and secondly, pirates rarely ever watch the movies they pirate they take it from the internet, as for things becoming obsolete, cinema isn’t one of them since you might not have noticed but I had been making specific reference to jamaica, therefore making contrast to the advent of computers and the redundancy of typewriters is in my view like comparing a cup and a saucer.
      However thank you for taking time out though to write your seemingly well thought-out comment.

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