The way songs grow on you.

I can’t really say I don’t like any musician because to be honest to each his own,but I have noticed something about the music I don’t really listen to. That It grows on me and in me, I found myself singing songs I’ve never even listened to. I just heard them passing through air,yet somehow my subconcious had made a very legitimate and ideal documentation of the lyrics, justin bieber is perhaps a prime example I’ve never found myself listening to justin bieber ever, yet I have heard him, and I know his songs although alot of his songs I know I didn’t he was the one who sung them in the first place.
Even though you may not like an aritiste for one reason or another you may be quite surprised when you find yourself singing along to their songs even outshining some of those that call themselves “fans” all in all mix it up, enjoy music because music is life and it allows the most expressive means,which reachs the ears and touches the soul.


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