The beauty of dance!!

Today I had the oppurtunity to witness what in my oppinion was a magical compilation of movement, balance and equivolence! A beautifully orchestrated masterpiece of time, expertise as well as patience. I had seen it as it began in its first days,filled with sweat and vibrance, aches and pains, but most powerful of all was the will to continue that drove these dancers to excellence!
The movements that these dancers evoked was pure in cohesion and brilliance,I had only wished it could have gone one forever. It shows the magnificence of the human body in all its gracious forms capturing the mind and soul! Fueling the heart beat.
Dance has an unmatched beauty that generates wonder and curiousity it can be used to express, any emotion,as well as sooth those who witness its granduer! Dance consumes like a fire,yet it does not burn but instead frees the mind!
If you have not had a chance to have your mind infiltrated by the magic of a dance production then you are yet to be enlightened! I can only hope that after reading this you may be urged,compelled and even driven to attempt to witness such a beautiful and joyous,creations as that of dance.!!

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