A very BIG thumbs up to you Volvo™

I believe it was in my first or second publication that I had written about autonomous vehicles,and the plan to have them in mass production by 2020 so when I read an article that Volvo™ now had 6 models fitted with the autonomous capability, I was overwhelmed with delight, to say I was happy would be a great understatement, not only was it that they had developed these cars they had also tested them, in fact they were tested on a highway in eastern Spain, a truck equipped with receivers and transmitters lead the way while all six vehicles traversed the road with ease, but what of all was most remarkable is that these cars weren’t empty like traditional testing, a Volvo representative herself, had driven in one and expressed her delight saying the vehicle told her when to stop steering and when to get off the pedals, she said other commuters were astonished as she leafed through a magazine, on the 124 mile test drive, with all this from Volvo we might just be able to have autonomous vehicles by 2017,which makes for a really happy commute to work. 🙂
I lift my hats off to Volvo™ for there work and dedication,
and a move like this can definitely put them on top even for a small group of people because choosing between a fancy car and an inexpensive car that drives me where I need to go, there isn’t really much of a choice is there?


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