jamaica 50 song

So now jamaicans again have something new on their plates to squabble about, and that is the jamaica 50 celebratory song, the previous government had already worked out their own schematics,for what would be used, however after their defeat their plans were dismantled.
The present government has now constructed their own version for the ceremony, now the opposition is at their throats about which song should be used, personally I think its a waste of energy to be complaining about which song should be used, and most of all I don’t think this is the image we should want to be affiliated with.
Another issue is that both sides have entirely personalized the issue,it is no longer a question of which is best for the country but instead, a which one was made by whom,I think personally the people should be allowed to decide which song they want to represent them, as a nation.
In my opinion both songs are enjoyable and convey aspects of our culture and nationalism,I think which ever song they choose to dedicate will be just as effective as the other at showing the world that we are proud to have achieved 50 years of independence and that we stand ready to achieve much more,because isn’t that our real intention?
Showing the best of ourselves to the world? And how better to do so than show that we can make simple decisions peacefully and easily without causing a major scene.


Movie piracy

I decided to post this after hearing a talk show host make some mention of it. If you don’t know exactly what movie piracy is, it’s simply the burning of multiply movies for retail sale. It’s surprising really that this is a profitable business since so many individuals are computer literate, maybe it’s the hope that as long as you aren’t directly involved you aren’t accountable, or maybe it is the only way of having a tangible copy of the movie, but if that’s the case why not just burn the movie yourself at home?
Perhaps it’s another flaw in our thrifty culture, the one where we believe that if someone’s making a living from something it’s automatically ok,it’s sad really to think we can be so blinded.
As jamaicans we sometimes lack the simple will to resist things that undermine our own image,we never consider the long term effects of our actions.
Cinema operators feel the greatest threat to their business from these pirates. Some movie houses have literally reached the point of closure, since the big screen, has lost much of its appeal,coupled with the effects of piracy.
I can only hope that we can see that the path we are currently heading down is one that will not amount to anything positive.

A break down of kids shows

If you have found yourself singing along to Dora the Explorer in your mind when you’re bored, then you should know what I’m talking about,my nieces are all obsessed with nick jr™ and discovery kids® and these channels host an almost tragic amount of children shows.
Shows like peppa pig®,Dora the Explorer®,Dino Dan®,Word World®,Olivia®, and the list could go on forever.
What drove me to write this was first the fact that my niece has seen these shows to the point where she can recite them on end, its almost worrisome, its not that my sisters and their husbands are bad parents, or that they don’t spend enough time with there children and allow them to be raised by television, in fact I don’t know what it is. What I do know is that these shows are actually turning these kids into less of thinkers, in fact most of these shows hardly require any logical thinking, first the constant sequence of events is maddening its always the second thing they ask, Dora for example always asks for kids to say things louder, that’s just going to make our kids really annoying, teaching kids that they need to shout things isn’t exactly what I would consider wholesome.
Another nausiating flaw is the constant almost rhetorical questions that always have an obvious answer, if someone is now smiling after they were frowning obviously they are now happy.
I must however commend of few of these shows for their commendable actions, Olivia for example really captures the true ideology of family life, as well as showing children that the world isn’t perfect and they don’t always get what they want.
Wordworld® allows for children to appreciate words in an interesting and ingenuitive manner but its draw back is it can only develop the prospect of nouns, since when letters are compiled they turn into what they spell.
Peppa pig interestingly teaches social and emotional skill however these can sometimes be a bit over the top.
Despite kids shows having their many flaws they still have some real plus points so my suggestion is don’t let television grow your child because as much as it seems interactive, its not. Regardless of your childs response the show will go on literally. So the best form of socialisation is between parent and child.
Until next time cheers, and thanks for reading.

The beauty of dance!!

Today I had the oppurtunity to witness what in my oppinion was a magical compilation of movement, balance and equivolence! A beautifully orchestrated masterpiece of time, expertise as well as patience. I had seen it as it began in its first days,filled with sweat and vibrance, aches and pains, but most powerful of all was the will to continue that drove these dancers to excellence!
The movements that these dancers evoked was pure in cohesion and brilliance,I had only wished it could have gone one forever. It shows the magnificence of the human body in all its gracious forms capturing the mind and soul! Fueling the heart beat.
Dance has an unmatched beauty that generates wonder and curiousity it can be used to express, any emotion,as well as sooth those who witness its granduer! Dance consumes like a fire,yet it does not burn but instead frees the mind!
If you have not had a chance to have your mind infiltrated by the magic of a dance production then you are yet to be enlightened! I can only hope that after reading this you may be urged,compelled and even driven to attempt to witness such a beautiful and joyous,creations as that of dance.!!

A very BIG thumbs up to you Volvo™

I believe it was in my first or second publication that I had written about autonomous vehicles,and the plan to have them in mass production by 2020 so when I read an article that Volvo™ now had 6 models fitted with the autonomous capability, I was overwhelmed with delight, to say I was happy would be a great understatement, not only was it that they had developed these cars they had also tested them, in fact they were tested on a highway in eastern Spain, a truck equipped with receivers and transmitters lead the way while all six vehicles traversed the road with ease, but what of all was most remarkable is that these cars weren’t empty like traditional testing, a Volvo representative herself, had driven in one and expressed her delight saying the vehicle told her when to stop steering and when to get off the pedals, she said other commuters were astonished as she leafed through a magazine, on the 124 mile test drive, with all this from Volvo we might just be able to have autonomous vehicles by 2017,which makes for a really happy commute to work. 🙂
I lift my hats off to Volvo™ for there work and dedication,
and a move like this can definitely put them on top even for a small group of people because choosing between a fancy car and an inexpensive car that drives me where I need to go, there isn’t really much of a choice is there?

The way songs grow on you.

I can’t really say I don’t like any musician because to be honest to each his own,but I have noticed something about the music I don’t really listen to. That It grows on me and in me, I found myself singing songs I’ve never even listened to. I just heard them passing through air,yet somehow my subconcious had made a very legitimate and ideal documentation of the lyrics, justin bieber is perhaps a prime example I’ve never found myself listening to justin bieber ever, yet I have heard him, and I know his songs although alot of his songs I know I didn’t he was the one who sung them in the first place.
Even though you may not like an aritiste for one reason or another you may be quite surprised when you find yourself singing along to their songs even outshining some of those that call themselves “fans” all in all mix it up, enjoy music because music is life and it allows the most expressive means,which reachs the ears and touches the soul.