When public slander strikes,anger swirls

If you have ever had anyone attempt to slander anyone close to you then you would know how much it cuts, and cuts deep. So today when my sister had come home blazing, about what had transpired during that day, I couldn’t help feeling enraged. What had happened was that my sisters daughter, my niece was attending pre-school with a little girl who had taken it up on herself to endorse the business of others around her. My sisters best friend went to attend an interview for a school she was attempting to get her daughter into when she ran into,the little girl and her parents,my sisters friends daughter had seen the little girls uniform and had identified it with that of my niece. She quickly and unsuspectingly called to the little girl saying that she had attended the same school as her friend and asked if she had made her aquaintance. The little girl suddenly began to erupt! splashing about information about incriminating child actions my niece had commited almost a year and a half ago!!
To add insult to injury the girl “D****” continued to blab even though my sisters friend tried to quell the matter, while her parents stood there and did nothing!!
Was is that these parents were just plain naïve?? or was it that they had enjoyed this?? As I write this I am ablaze inside that parents could entertain such disgusting behaviour from their children without applying any discipline!? A simply “That’s enough D****!” In a stern enough voice would have would have sufficed instead they allowed her to continue her slander unchecked!! I find this so repulsive that if it were my child I would be unsure of how I would react,I can only pray that after reading this we may have some better parents,that are NOTHING like D**** parents in the world.
For reason of identity protection I withheld the name of the little girl,whose actions were not only crude but,ignorant and I can only hope that she never crosses my niece’s path again,or attempts to harm her,or her reputation in any way!


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