Nothing to do…a coffee break and a great book.

This morning I woke up tired. After a considerably sleepless night.
I got up made some coffee to jolt myself and decided to pick up a book I’d read so long ago, “The Black Cloister” by Melanie dobson. I must admit that although I was never intrigued when I read the back cover which related the story as being that of a young woman whose mother died and left many unanswered questions about her life and her past, yet this book turned out to be a real page turner. Firstly this book makes wondrous use of description! Even if you have a limited imagination this book can play out nicely in your head,the main character Elise Friedman is an amusing spectacle whose determination and triumph is one that is admirable as well as motivational to all she comes in contact with.
Despite the humor associated with this book. It is quite knowledge filled and clearly shows the writers determination to ensure credibility,I think for anyone looking for a nice thought provoking novel that will leave them thinking even after they have finished then this is definitely the book for them. As always continue to find new ways to spend your internet life and ensure to comment with books that you feel really carried you on a whim!. 🙂


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