a fashion show for nature

Hope you are all well I do sincerely apologize for my seemingly poor publication schedule.
As an environmentally considerate person I thought I would do a blog about the environment!
However I thought I wouldn’t just write what you have already heard which by the way is that “humans are destroying the planet etc etc.” Instead I would mention what I saw! At a prominent and traditional school in jamaica the environmental club thought of a fresh and inspirational way to promote environmental awareness in the idea of a fashion show.
Now this might sound like your everyday fashion show however it was much to the contrary interested designers carried their individual ideas to the drawing board to create economical and yet uniquely designed clothing, made from everyday materials such as plastic and newspaper scraps aswell as leaves!
The idea came together magnificently and although all contestants did not walk away with a prize each was unique in its own way and that made it a truly re-vitalising experience!
I think our environment plays a great role in our lives and possible the lives of our children and grandchildren and that environmental awareness is a key aspect of future development!
I believe many are mis concepting what being an environmentally considerate person or even an environmentalist is!
Being considerate does not resist change in fact it embraces it,what do I mean by this? new ideas that are environmentally friendly usually benefit all involved, I am truly tired of persons thinking that’s they’ll have to walk to work or sleep in a log cabin with no electricity to be environmentally friendly! Despite the fact that these are some ways they are not the only ways recycling a milk carton is also playing your part,even starting a backyard garden,you would be amazed but one tree produces enough oxygen for eight people for three days, imagine a back yard garden with several trees you would help the smog in a near by city by about 1% but what if ten persons did it. It wouldn’t be. 1% now would it? The truth is we all need to play our part,no matter how small if there isn’t a recycling program in your area then suggest it to the relevant authority,together we can make the difference!!
Be sure to leave your comments about how you do your part,or if you haven’t yet started share your ideas and plans for the future and I anticipate your feed back I will see you soon! Bye. đŸ™‚


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