The outrageousness of online sign up terms and conditions.

If you spend your time like myself and many others on the internet signing up for the sites you’ve either been burdened by your friends to join or genuinely have an interest in then you probably have encountered some very outrageously long terms and conditions!
If you’re like many,and there are many! then you simple tick agree and get to what you’re really interested in.
But have you ever wondered that you’ll sign up for a site without reading the terms and conditions only to have someone show up at your door to claim your soul?
Can you just imagine a conversation playing out like this!
“Um hi? Who are you?”
Oh I’m just here about the video site you signed up for about a month now. ” And he/she probably throws in a candid smile!
“Oh um ok what about it?”
“Well as you now someone would come by to take your soul.”
“What? And you’re either thinking [this psycho should get off your lawn before you call the cops],or [I’m gonna shut the door in your face]
“Um there must be a mistake you can’t TAKE my soul”
“Oh no there’s no mistake it was in the terms and conditions! Didn’t you read them?”
And then you probably have a long flashback trying to recall if you did read them! Then you realize you didn’t and there’s a long awkward silence until your soul is taken and there’s nothing you can do about it!
Although the above scenario will probably never play out it’s still important to read terms and conditions non the less! Especially when it seems really really long because that’s when they’re hiding stuff.
Thanks for reading don’t forget to subscribe and as always continue to find ways for “a truly interesting ways to spend your internet life” bye 🙂


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