Has this ever happened to you?

As members of humanity we tend to have several awkward moments in your life how we treat them varies but we tend to choose contempt ever so often! But here are a few that can really be a tat of a downer: The moment when you don’t recognize or even remember the name of an old friend when they clearly remember you! this can be tragic the thought of being frowned upon by a long time acquaintance is enough to keep you up at night,but how could you possible solve this? its left to you. A suggestion though is to keep a souvenir of a friends whose acquaintance you have made or use a specific feature that wouldn’t change like a scar,tattoo etc.
Another awkward moment that keeps you up is The moment when you give out your number and you don’t know whose calling. Another typical flaw in memory especially if it was a busy day and who you gave your number to wasn’t on the top of your list. Keeping a journal should fix this nicely.
This might not frequently happen but when it does it stays with you for weeks The moment you’re walking with a friend and they meet a long time friend you don’t know, and you’re not introduced and you suddenly hit the back burner,it may seem inconsiderate of your friend but they might just be so overwhelmed that you diminish if you’ve never been on either side it may happen eventually and you’ll remember this blog,just try not to be too upset if it seems like forever before you were introduced and try not to sound too defensive when you ask “who was that?”.
Another awkward moment that will inevitably occur is The awkward moment when you don’t recognise your own hand writing this is just plain awful,especially since you’re the one who will probably end up having to ask others if they understand what it says and then be forced to endure their ridicule and humor. As for suggestions there are non the truth is you can’t really avoid this and it will happen sooner or later.
just remember awkward moments make us who we are,they remind that we are human and they also reminds us that sometimes we just need to stop and enjoy the finer things in life.
As always thanks for reading and remember always find new ways for “a truely interesting way to spend your internet life cheers :-)”


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