What’s your say on autonomous vehicles by 2020?

According to statistics in around 2010-2011 86% of americans drove to work,that’s an almost staggering number to calculate but what if they didn’t have to? But still had the convenience and peace of mind of their own vehicles. Sounds kinda sketchy and sounds like you’d have to hire a chauffeur? Well its autonomous vehicles to the rescue!! Many fear the safety of these future means of transport but what’s really to fear your car driving on its own? or having to wake up at mid-night to start getting mentally prepared for the commute to work only to wind up stuck in your drive way because all your neighbors had the same plan? The truth is we trust a lot of automatic things,why not our car,autonomous vehicles will still be fitted with manual functions for trips to the country but as for the early morning grind it will be up to the car, not the passenger and how many times have you needed to get work done but over slept and had to race to work to do it? And with sharper penalties for cell phone use while driving you might have to pull off the road just to tell your boss you’ll be late,which will make you even later since you just lost 2-4 spots in the bumper to bumper traffic.
So isn’t it time for autonomous vehicles? I think it is.


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