Some great books i’ve read.

if you’re like me then books make a great part of your life cycle. But finding a great book can sometimes be as easy. as finding a great blog which varies depending on the amount of time you’re willing to invest in this. Here however are some books that I found really interesting and intriguing. Joel C. Rosenberg is an author that I have found to be an amazing writer some books from him are “ The Ezekiel Option“,”The Last jihad(which is a holy war against non muslims perpetrated by muslims)”,”The last days“,”The copper Scroll“*a personal favorite and last but certainly not least “Dead Heat“,one perhaps stark truth about the novels currated by Rosenberg is that they have an uncanny way of coming true…while the situation conveyed in “the last jihad has already been conveyed in reality the rest especially in “Dead heat” is left to be seen,although perhaps not,these book will definately leave you gaping and cause you to pursue endless bounds to find out more. His book “epicenter” also provides an in dept assessment of the middle east and what to expect in future times.
While books about terrorism are not always on everyones mind the possibility is very real and reading it in a novel will atleast prepare us mentally for what it would be like in real time.
If you’re however more eased by reading about less psychologically traumatising novels then settle in a nice comfy chair after getting your hands on a copy of one of the “cat who…” Series by the late Lillian Jackson Brawn who passed away just last year! Unfortunately I had read her book sometime before researching her and had loved every minute of it! May her soul rest in peace.
As for those of you who aren’t frequent readers just grab a book and start reading, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at just how captivated you may become. Thanks for reading.
And remember always find new ways for “a truely interesting way to spend your internet life“.


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